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Our Expertise

Bringing a new style to implement and train new teams to the Deacom Manufacturing ERP system. Initiating side-by-side assistance in functional modules within Deacom while documenting and reporting the information necessary for a company to perform its operations. 
Strategy & Organization

Incorporating a keystroke document with step-by-step screenshot mappings of each individual task within Deacom. Document all processes from the business in order to analyze and replicate the processes in Deacom's functional modules. 

Data Governance

Enabling the User-Defined Fields and customized settings in Deacom to align with the objectives of a company's operations. Ensuring that the system accurately portrays the necessary fields for a production line to operate efficiently while including all the essential factors.


We are capable of developing data reports by pulling SQL from Deacom into Tableau & Power BI to further support visibility and decisions for operational outcomes. 

We also develop BI pages within the Deacom ERP so end-users can have peronalized access to the reports at first glance in Deacom. 

Support Management

Providing a side-by-side support team while Deacom is embedded in the operations of a company. A ticketing system with incident management is deployed to prioritize the requests of a production facility. 


Data Migration

We support the data mapping tasks and the requirements so that legacy data is successfully migrated into Deacom. We accompish this by taking the legacy data and align it to the data profiles in Deacom. This includes master data & static data to be accurately displayed in Deacom for operational capabilities. 


Although scripting is mainly implemented by ECI Software Solutions, we work in conjunction with ECI to script actions within Deacom so that the end-user has the appropriate desired outcome in the system.  


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